I'm a traveling wedding and elopement photographer based out of Ohio (just south of Columbus) AND Denver, Colorado. I’m a wife to the sweetest guy, an elementary school teacher, and a professional third wheel who is absolutely in love with love.


My style can be defined as a romantic moody. I embrace the shadows and the earthy tones. I work mostly with natural light and as a documentary style, which means, almost no posing. I like to not follow rules sometimes and I will risk going to a specific place just because it looks cool. I will try angles and poses, I'll make you dance and run and spin and kiss, just for a perfect shot that you will remember forever! I want you to just be you! I'll be there to capture every smile and to smile with you! 

A little extra facts:
I drink a lot of coffee (iced) and crave Mexican food on the daily. I might be unhealthy obsessed with dogs (we have nine and they are my babies) but it’s totally fine. I'm obviously a sucker for rescues. I will never get tired of re-watching The Office while editing. Oh, and incase you're wondering - Wachs is pronounced like "wax".

- xo, Rosina